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how do i write a book with tips and tricks

So the question is always where do I start if I want to write a book?

Well, there are many ways you can write a book. A book is for your readers. No matter how well you write, it’s only gratifying when someone enjoys your writing.

Planning is an integral part of getting your book right, even if you are someone who writes by the seat of their pants.

Tune in to this video to learn how you can get started

Should everyone write a memoir? That depends on whether you have a story that is crying to be heard.

When you know that telling your story can bring a positive change in someone’s life, then yes – you should definitely pen your memoirs

Writing a memoir is more than just telling your life story. A memoir focuses on one or two aspects of your life that has made a significant impact on you.

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write your memoir with shoma mittra
how is your book unique

According to the Alliance of Independent Authors,

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited paid out over a quarter of a billion dollars to indie authors in 2019, apart from regular sales.

Kindle Unlimited (KU), Amazon’s ebook subscription program, is estimated to represent about 14% of all ebook reads in the Amazon ecosystem, according to Author Earnings and 85 percent of these are produced by self-published authors, plus 2,000 audiobooks from Amazon’s Audible business.

And these are old data from 2019. The numbers would have grown exponentially since then.
So how will you make your book stand out from the rest?

As a writer, your first job is to focus on the story you are telling.

Everything else comes second. But in order to be efficient, you should make use of the many tools that are available to us today.

This video talks about these tools and resources that authors can use.

There are many software that make a writer’s life easier and in subsequent videos, we will be exploring them one by one, but for now, here is a brief over view.

How to Upload a Book on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing
Make your book available on Amazon and start adding it onto your book promotion toolkit.
Becoming a self-published author gets easier every year.
In this video tutorial, I show you how to go from manuscript to published book on Amazon in about 45 minutes with Kindle Direct Publishing.
Think of it as a walkthrough, where you click through the process with me and learn how to do this on your own.

I’ll run you through where to upload your cover, how to format your manuscript, selecting page layout, selecting pricing and royalty options, etc…
You can:
– Run through the easy and quick set-up of your KDP account
– Upload your manuscript in 15 minutes or less
– Save big money with KDP Select free and free promotional days
– Sell to customers all over the world!

If you are a professional, an entrepreneur or a coach, you have developed your skills over the years.

A book is one of the best ways to distil all this experience and lay it out so a reader or your client can access that information.

You create an impact and leave a legacy because as an author you will be inspiring a whole generation of people.

And above all, as an entrepreneur you can build your personal brand, establish your expertise and build trust with potential clients.

How to Write and Publish your Expertise e-book in 6 days