"I love that the speaker was a subject matter expert on the topic!"
Wendi Brown
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Reserve
"I didn't expect such a deep healing, but each time I have had a breakthrough that i have not been able to achieve. Something magical happens when we get together and write. – Member of Write to Heal workshop"
Loke Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele-Keanaaina
"Shoma leads a Workshop based on her many decades of hands-on experience in the industry and as a writer/author. She lovingly shares her knowledge and encourages each participant to succeed."
"Shoma you have a natural talent where you guide our mind towards what we are looking for, in my case is the why for my book. It opened my mind to narrow down my focus."
P.K. Sethi
"Shoma is an amazing person. Every interaction I have had with her has been so meaningful. She is an accomplished writer and journalist but her humble and kind nature is so welcoming and allows me to be more productive and confident. You would be privileged to work with her on any project to whatever magnitude you are seeking! "
Bridget Mossor
"Loved Shoma’s workshop, is the best teacher, she is very approachable and helps from the heart. She helped me feel very comfortable writing and making it feel more natural. My confidence levels have boosted tremendously since I attended Shomas workshop. The kindest and humble too and I am looking forward to working with her in the future."
Dr Shashi Ghodake
"Shoma is an amazing coach. She has the right experience, expertise and patience to work with all kinds of people. The best part about her work is she can bring a writer out of you and you won't even come to know of that! Thanks Shoma for all your guidance."
Ruchi Sharma
"It was an amazing journey which I didn't want to end! It far exceeded my expectations... The 5 day program was well thought of and well structured. Shoma's encouraging and supportive nature made me feel secure and safe in exposing and sharing my innermost thoughts, feelings and also amateur writing! Shoma not only provided a supportive and caring environment, helping us to get rid of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs but she also encouraged each of us to write our stories. I can't thank Shoma enough for this experience and perhaps the first step of a new journey."
Nerissa Lobo
"I am very grateful that I could be part of this Write With Me program of Soma Mittra It kept me accountable and the information that Soma gave us, gave me much more clarity about writing and energy to continue Doing this in group with other starting writers, who all had more or less the same challenges with writing a book, was really helpful and beneficial to me. It was Very Inspiring and reassuring concerning my own writing experiences And the Webpage that Soma setup with all the resources and the private group to stay in contact is so good! Thank you Soma! "
Lieve Leysen
"I was absolutely amazed at the impact that such a seemingly simple, short program had on my thinking around writing. I write formally and scientifically for my business; for a long time, I have wanted to write a book to support my expertise in my field but stall every time I move from 'the facts' to including some personality and 'me' into the project. Participating in Shoma's program has been a pivotal investment - I did not think it possible but it is like the process that we were guided through has un-stuck something... I can write !!! I have bounced out of the program not only excited about working on my book but with a much more effective and efficient approach. Whether you are wondering if you can write, you are stuck partway through a project or so frustrated that you are ready to give up don't make a single decision until you have spent time with Shoma, she is the magic you have been looking for."
Jackie Campbell
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