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Beginners Guide to Writing Memoirs

book mapping blueprint

Book Mapping Blueprint

Ten Point Checklist

Ten Point Checklist

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As an author your website is really your home base. It’s where people will land after they search for you or the book online.


It is great peace of mind when you have a professional holding your hand through the writing and publishing process.


As an author, your biggest ally is the media. Good PR is not negotiable. We help launch you to the world at large with a stunning media kit.


The marketing strategy for your book starts way before you have finished the first draft. We work with you to give your book the best visibility and rankings.


Whether you wish to go down the path of traditional, hybrid or self-publishing, we can help show you the way. We help with e-books, paperbacks and hard covers.


Every manuscript needs an expert eye. When your writing needs that final touch to strengthen your document, and polish your book till it shines, our professional editors rise to the challenge.


You have written your book. Now what? Get your manuscript assessed and critiqued by our team of professionals who will guide you to make your book to be the best it can be.


Take any or all of our courses on writing, editing, self-publishing or marketing. All the insider info at your fingertips with self-paced learning modules.


Focus on writing your best book, while we take care of everything else for you. We create stunning and spectacular cover designs for your genre.

Why do you need a coach to help you write your book?

One of the biggest challenges when writing a book is churning out consistent content that is not only structured well, high in quality but also engages your reader with a powerful storyline. And harder than starting to write a book is being able to finish it to publishable standards. How do you turn a bunch of words into an un-putdownable book?


Getting started on creating valuable content is not only be time-consuming, but it also requires skill and experience.


Sitting down at the keyboard or with your pen and paper is all about discipline. When you have set deadlines and a mission, you can plan strategically.


Finishing a book is often harder than starting one. This is when you need a coach who not only helps you with guidance about writing but also holds you accountable so you can realise your dream of becoming a published author.

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There are many moving parts to writing and publishing a book. Whatever stage you are at, there’s something for you here.

This guide will get you started on your writing and structuring your memoirs, even if you have never written a book before.

Download this book mapping blueprint to help you write your book in no time at all.

A quick checklist before you get started on your memoirs