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Having a full media kit (also called a press kit) ready on your website makes book promotion a breeze.

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Imagine the day you hit that publish button on your book and voila! Your book is out in the world for people to pick up and read your amazing story.

You have worked hard on your book and are excited to share it with the world. But how do you get it out there for people to find? Who and where is your audience? How are they going to know you have published a book? You can tell your close contacts and friend on social media – but how do you get it out to a wider audience in your town, country, globally?

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to have a media kit or press kit ready for journalists to access.
A media or press kit is a set of files that contain everything a journalist needs to know about you and your book, as well as how they can contact you.

A media kit, short for “public relations kit,” is a set of materials in one place that journalists can use to quickly and easily learn about you and your book, as well as contact you. It is a collection of materials about your company, typically hosted in a central location on your website. It should be concise with all the important facts, images and logos about your business.

A comprehensive press kit will help explain the core facts of your company to journalists, reporters and the media in general in a neat, digestible package. The idea is that anyone visiting your page can find all the key facts and information about your business without having to speak to you.

As a journalist with decades of industry experience and someone who has reviewed thousands of media releases and press kits from businesses and authors, I know exactly how to pitch to a journalist or an editor if you want your story covered or your book reviewed.

We’ve made it easier for you to have an easy-to-access media kit for journalists. You can have them download your media kit directly to their computer, or we can create and distribute individual media releases to publications – press, radio or television – in your area.

We create full press kits which you can host on your website as downloadable the assets which journalists can access as per their need for their story without having to email you first and then sit around waiting for a response.

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