The Biggest Hurdle

The Biggest Hurdle

Have you started that book? If not, what’s holding you back? Or have you started and stopped mid-way?

When the sculptor finally takes off his gloves and looks at his work, he can see how he has altered the state of things. What started as a hunk of rock has been transformed into something else. With the dexterity of his nimble fingers, his artistic eyes and his soul he has created something to last for eternity.

Every black stone has a statue waiting to be craved out of it. So does a blank page. It is waiting to be written on. When you spill some ink on that blank page and inscribe it with letters and words which are really your thoughts, you have created something beautiful, something unique that does not have a replica.

It is yours and yours alone.

That’s how it will feel when you publish your book. Your words are out there for everyone to read, hear and watch.

But I know what you are thinking.

It’s one thing to write them down, but it’s another to share them with the world.

And that might feel terrifying because you’re no longer in control of the message. What if people don’t like it? What if they misunderstand? What if they get it all wrong?

Writing a book is not easy. It takes dedication, persistence, and determination. But if you write a book, here are the main benefits of writing a book:

Think about it like this – how can they get it wrong when the words are yours? You wrote it down. You made sure every word had a place and purpose on the page. It feels risky, but really, you’ve done all you can by publishing your book. Now it’s up to others to take what you’ve written and make it their own.

Many people dream of writing a book; but so few actually do it, and even fewer finish it. There’s a reason for that – the biggest hurdle to becoming an author is sitting down and putting pen to paper – or fingers to keys. We all have a story to tell, but as for getting it out, that’s the hard part.

But let’s go back to the beginning – so why would you want to write a book in the first place? What’s in it for you? What motivates you to sit down and put those first words on the page? Because, let’s face it, writing – especially a book – is a lonely, long and difficult task that can take weeks, if not months and years. Why would anyone want to spend a large chunk of their life holed up in a room behind their screens typing up their thoughts?

There’s a lot more than that.

Obviously, the first thought that jumps to everyone’s mind is you can make money from your book, and you have authority.

You brandish your book like a well-earned medal. It doesn’t happen overnight, but once you have a published book, you can sell copies or give talks about it at your local library or on the street corner.

If you write a good book, you have the potential to make serious money.

If you are an entrepreneur, your book can be used as an information product or even as a lead generation tool for your business. For example, you could create an online course based off of your book.

And if your book gets picked up by a well known traditional publisher, you stand to make serious cash! You can become famous.

We live in an age when many people are famous for being famous. And having a book published will open up opportunities for you that otherwise wouldn’t exist. You could end up on TV or in the papers because someone who has read your book liked what they saw in your words.

You can help other people, you can achieve your goals and you can be seen as an expert in your field.

The way that you can make money with your book is just limited by your own imagination. You could even give the books away for free and then sell other products or services that are related to what your book talks about. You could also approach companies who want to promote their products or services through books and pitch them for sponsorship for your book. If they like the idea, they may pay for all of the costs associated with creating it in exchange for promoting their product or service in it.

Your book will help people with their problems or teach them something that they didn’t know before. This is probably one of the main reasons why people want to write a book

A book can easily pay for itself many times over by helping you attract more customers, clients, and patients.

A book is one of the most powerful ways to build credibility, trust, and name recognition. A book can position you as an expert in your field and open doors that might otherwise be closed to you.

A book can make you money directly by selling copies or indirectly by increasing your fees. If you’re an entrepreneur, a book can serve as collateral for attracting investors or it can be used as part of an exit strategy when you sell the company or retire from active management.

There are many other reasons to write a book that are more personal than financial, such as leaving an enduring legacy for your family and loved ones, spreading your knowledge and wisdom to others, giving back to the community by providing solutions to common problems faced by people.

The reasons to write a good book are many. Question is – are you ready to do the hard yards?

You can start by downloading this tips on how to get started with your book – from concept to completion.

Let me know what is your biggest hurdle and have a free 15 minute chat with me. I might be able to help you get started : [ calendly link]

Shoma Mittra

Shoma Mittra

My mission is to help make the process of writing a book – from blank page to published author as easy as possible for you. You don’t have to tie yourself in knots about the whole writing and publishing process because I have made it incredibly simple for you.

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